Byron Sutton


 How to Fix Subordinate Clause Fragments in Essays? - 2021 Guide

The subordinate clause starts with a subordinate conjunction. In a number of cases, it starts with a Essay Writing Service. Thus, a subordinate clause comprises both, subject and a verb, also known as the main clause. 

The aim of using subordinate clauses is to add additional information and complete the thought that is conveyed in a sentence. Such clauses are one of the major elements of essay writing because an essay is a combination of different thoughts that are jotted together to add flow to the actual thought. Language is given due consideration when you are writing a college essay because in this standard due significance is given to the way you organize your thoughts and it plays a crucial role in adding meaning to an essay. Then, it is evident that a college essay is more academic as compared to the prior standards and it requires a lot of analytical insights.

A number of students fail to maintain flow and cohesion in the essay because they are not clear about the use of clauses and how subordinate clause fragments can be fixed. I am going to share two simple techniques that can help you fix subordinate clauses in the essay.

1- Connecting the main clause

If you are writing an essay and you think that you are not able to maintain flow and cohesion, you can simply incorporate the main clause. It will help you fix the subordinate clause fragment by creating a new lead on sentence. As you know all the subordinate clauses begin with a conjunction or the other relative pronouns so all the errors in the clause can be fixed by adding the main clause. One such example can be, 

Maria will survive if she makes a sound decision.

Here, it is observed that the context of the subordinate clause fragment in an Essay Writer can only be maintained by having a backup in the form of the main clause. It will not only help to create direct and precise meanings but it will add to the underlying consistency of the writing. In another case, a subordinate clause is followed by a comma and it can help you shift the places in a sentence fragment. One such example can be,

If I will get a bonus, we will dine out the next day.

In this sentence, it is observed that the context of the subordinate clause is identified and adjusted with the help of the main clause. The main clause can shift its position with respect to the essay requirement.

2- Adding the necessary main clause

It is another approach that can help you fix the subordinate clause fragment in your Write my essay. For this, you have to think relative to you in an essay. Adding the main clause will require you to add something that can help the subordinate clause to stand and convey its meaning. It is one of the trickiest ideas that is used by students while writing a College Essay or other academic task. It can help you explain the context or add the required meaning to the overall written content. Adding the necessary clause follows the same approach like that of the connecting clause but the main clause can either be added in the beginning or at the end of the subordinate clause. 

Following these two ideas, you can effectively adjust the sentence fragments in your college essay writing service. It is one of the techniques to adhere to consistency and maintain the flow of writing, it can also prove to be helpful in conveying the underlying meaning so that there is no gap or confusion. These techniques are particular to analytical and descriptive essays because both the essay types require explanation and clarification between the lines and between the words.