Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the COSA Community and Research Database?

To login to the NSBAConnect COSA Community & Research Database, go to You will be redirected to the NSBA homepage login screen and will need to use your NSBA website login information. If you do not remember your password, please click “Reset my password” under ‘Forgot Your Password?’ and follow the steps to reset it.

How do I set up my profile?

Set up your profile by clicking the photo outlines in the right corner and select Profile.

Before you set up your profile, visit the My Accounts -> Email Preferences page and select how you want to receive posting notifications. Your options include: Real Time, Daily Digest, or No Email. We encourage you to opt for “Real Time” receipt of emails so that you get timely inquiries from colleagues and notices from COSA.

Real Time – You will receive messages and files as they are posted, directly to your email box.  This option allows you to reply to the group or the individual sender. Group responses are added to the discussion thread.

Daily Digest – You will receive a compilation of all daily activity in one email at the end of the day.

No Email – You will NOT receive notification of any postings. This option requires you to login to see the community activity.


How do I search the COSA Community and Research Database?

Search for resources, posts, and discussion threads on your topic by using a keyword or phrase in the search box.

After executing the search, you will receive a list of results. In addition to the listed search categories, the COSA community has an expanded search option that allows you to refine your search by time range, resource type, topic area, and seminar.

How do I post or reply to a message in the COSA Community?

Posting a Message to the group is quick and easy. You may post a message using, or go to and follow the steps below. Click the Connect and Discuss dropdown above, select COSA Discussion Board, then click Post New Message and complete the form as follows.

  • Click Participate
  • Fill in the Subject Line
  • Type your message using the formatting tools.
  • If you wish to attach a document, click Attach to proceed.


The attachment is automatically added to your Library in the main folder unless you Edit Library Entry details once the file is attached.

All discussion post threads, including responses, are captured and searchable from the main page. You will receive an email in your mailbox when your new message is sent.

To reply to a COSA message, you can reply to the group or reply directly to the sender via your email, or at

How do I submit files and resources?

To share a file, click Submit Resources. Follow the prompts after clicking next to upload documents and post into a Library. Recently posted files will be listed on the main group page.

If you are SLS Faculty and desire to share a document for COSA’s School Law Practice Seminars, please submit your resource to the COSA team for review. They will post the content on your behalf.

How do I ask for help?

Need support? Reach community support by clicking the Contact Us link in the top right corner.