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Reminder: NSBA Connect Community Change

  • 1.  Reminder: NSBA Connect Community Change

    Posted 08-30-2021 08:59:00 AM
    Edited by Entoria Nicely 08-30-2021 09:03:02 AM

    To keep the NSBA Connect Online Community and its participants safe and secure from cyber-attacks, Higher Logic, our community platform host will be enhancing their security and privacy protocols. On Wednesday, September 1 Higher Logic is disabling the Auto Login functionality from community emails.  

    What does this mean for you?
    This means that when you receive a community discussion email from any of the communities that you are a part of, when you click a link in your email, you will no longer be sent directly to the community to view the link. Once you click on a link in a community email, you will be prompted to enter your login credential to access the community or microsite from the email.

    Why is this happening? The Auto Login functionality adds additional access parameters to hyperlinks in community posts. When you click one of these encoded links, you're automatically logged into your community site and so is anyone to whom you might then forward the email.  We acknowledge that losing this functionality may alter your experience accessing the community. However, given the security risks this functionality presents, Higher Logic is removing it.

    Moving forward, keep your passwords handy and remember to use "safe and secure login practices" starting September 1. A great work-around for this is to bookmark your communities for easy access and engagement. 

    If need your password reset, go to My.NSBA.org to reset your password. If you run into issues, please use the My NSBA Guide to learn how to reset your password. If you would like assistance, please email info@nsba.org to get help with resetting your password.

    Entoria Nicely
    Sr. Program Associate, State Association Services
    National School Boards Association
    Alexandria, VA