Grace Grayson


Lesser-Known Pet Dogs For Apartment Living

Dogs and humans share a special bond, a bond that dates back to 10 thousand years or more. The human-dog companionship is one of loyalty and affection. Dogs have taken up many roles over the past few centuries: hunting and retrieving birds and game, shepherding and guarding livestock, guarding property, etc. In the modern period, dogs have been kept beyond their utility, to provide their owners companionship, through unabated affection and support.

Moreover, with an ESA letter, the pet dogs serve as designated emotional support companions helping people with mental difficulties cope with their situation. Other dogs, such as therapy dogs also tend to people with emotional and mental health disabilities, while service dogs help the disabled perform everyday tasks.

No matter what role your dog takes, it proves crucial that the dog that you choose fits your living situation, and the space that you provide is adequate for the specific breed that you bring home. The modern definition of home has evolved over the past few decades, as people have gotten adept at living in smaller spaces and highrise apartments. For most of the city dwellers, the home has become the apartment in which they live. In a spacious solo house, you can choose from various dog breeds, as providing space and lots of outdoor activities is not a problem. However, in an apartment, you have to restrict your choices and choose particular dog breeds that have the following characteristics;

  • Low energy dogs that don’t require excessive outdoor exercise.

  • Comfortable with living in small spaces

  • Trainable to stay on its own alone for some time. 

  • Low shedding dogs, especially after regular grooming 

  • Not too large and bark not very often.

  • Easily socializable. 

Breeds suitable for Apartment living

Here are the various breeds that can fit your apartment lifestyle and let you have a good pet experience:

  • Basenji

If you can put in the effort and time into training your pet dog, then with proper training, they can be your indoor companions. These calm animals won’t disturb your neighbors nearby as it barks reservedly— also known as the barkless dog. This medium-sized dog will be happy with surfing the couch, especially if you meet its daily physical exercise requirements through outdoor exercise and indoor activities. You can also manage the short and low maintenance coat easily. It loves to show affection and pay attention to the members of the family, making it a perfect family companion. To make your basenji an ESA dog you should know about an emotional support dog letter.

  • Toy Fox Terrier

The breed used to help catch rats and rodents in its companions’ farms, barns, and houses. It loves to accompany its household members, protective of them and showering them with affection at the same time. It is highly trainable and surprisingly agile. The breed also needs regular exercise outdoors and sometimes indoor activities.

  • Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu, once Chinese Royalty has become the famous lap dog, with its flowing coat, adorable face, and small size. These dogs require less exercise and can be engaged in indoor activities, while their high trainability helps them get trained for obedience. They are indeed perfect companions for apartment dwelling. 

  • Toy Poodle

Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and probably one of the most easily trained ones. The toy poodle, due to its size, is perfect for apartments. You can fulfill its daily needs by taking out on walks and engaging the poodle in indoor activities.

  • Maltese 

The Maltese are a short-statured dog that has a luscious white flowing coat befitting a royal. These friendly animals are very eager to please their household members and love to be in the company at all times.